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Friday 5: Katie Davis

Friday 5: Katie Davis

Originally posted May 18, 2012

Katie Davis is an amazing singer­-songwriter from Seattle who I’ve been a fan of since the early days of Rubyfruit Radio. Her songs are a mix of melancholy and emotion (in a good way!). Add her brilliant voice and you’ve got something truly special.

Recently, Katie started creating greeting cards as a way to finance her music. They’ve gotten rave reviews and are selling like crazy. Go to and check out them out. Zooey Deschanel loves them, shouldn’t you? Also, check out her website where you can download one of her EPs for free.

What was the first concert you ever attended?

I think the first show I went to was Sweetwater at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. I was maybe a freshman in high school. The theater had seats, and my ticket had my seat number on it, so even though there were empty seats up front, I stayed in my seat in the back because I thought I would get in trouble if I moved up.

If you could form a band with 3 other people in it, who would those 3 people be?

Okay, the choices are overwhelming me, so I’m forming a random band:
Mick Jagger, Carrie Brownstein, my sister

THIS BAND IS AWESOME. Also, in this imaginary band, I would like to suddenly know how to play drums.

You have an Etsy shop and your “I Like You and Naps” cards have become quite popular and have been blogged about in countless places. You’ve expanded the selection quite a bit recently. Do you plan on continuing making cards and coming up with new ones? What’s the inspiration behind them?

“I like you and naps” was a simple expression of how much I like naps.
I put up a handful of cards on Etsy, and suddenly I had so many sales I broke my printer and had to shut down my shop for a few days. It turns out naps are very popular.

All my cards are simple expressions of my self or inspired by my friends. “I do not like jobs.” “Love is weird.” “You drink too much.” I just wanted to make something I liked. It makes me happy that other people like them too.

I will definitely continue to make cards! The money I make selling cards helps me to support my music.

Sad songs seem to be your signature. Why sad songs?

I love sad songs. They are my favorite.
I like sad songs that say something beautiful or honest. I like sad songs with hope.

How do you approach your songwriting and where does your inspiration come from?

I think maybe writing songs about things is how I let them go. I write without really thinking about it. I’m not sitting down with a guitar like, “I will write a song about this thing.” I’m just playing and something comes up. I feel like I’m trying to remember the words. I’m always trying to say it more simply, more honestly.

A few months ago, I woke up singing a song from my dream. I rolled over in bed and sang the chorus right into my phone.

Songwriting comes and goes for me. One season, I write a bunch of songs. The next season, nothing comes. When it comes, I get caught up in it. I will play a new song over and over all night.

Buy Katie’s Music from Amazon

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Welcome back Veruca Salt!

Welcome back Veruca Salt!

The original lineup of Veruca Salt hit the stage for the first time in 18 years when they played on Conan Wednesday night. 1994…oh how I’ve missed you. They cranked out their 20 year old hit song “Seether” and also their new single, “The Museum of Broken Relationships”, both full of crunchy guitars and biting vocals.
Veruca Salt is hitting the road for a summer reunion tour in the U.S. and then taking off for Australia in October. Be sure to check them out! For a full list of dates, check out their website and while you’re there, get a free download of “The Museum of Broken Relationships”.



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Say Goodbye To 2013 With Free Music

I’m going to close out 2013 and welcome 2014 with some free music.

Amy Ray is going to be releasing a new solo record at the end of January called “Goodnight Tender”. It’s more Americana than her last solo releases have been. Download the song “Oyster and Pearl” here.

Nasimiyu is set to release a new EP, “Dirt” on January 24th.  Download her songs “Raise Your Arrow (The Hunt)” and “Even In The Dark” free from Bandcamp.

Check out two tracks from Sidney York. “Hearts” and “Dick and Jane“.

I love Mal Blum. Download these tracks from Bandcamp for free and then do yourself a favor and download the rest of her albums too! “Valentine’s Day Demo” and  Bright Eyes and Taylor Swift Covers

Get a free track from Juliette Commagere for signing up on her mailing list. Check out the track “What We Get“.

Download Haley Bonar’s latest release Wntr Snds from Bandcamp.

Download “Same Side“, a single from The Casket Girls new album, due out on February 11th.

Check out “Grey White December” from I Am Snow Angel.


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