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Over the past 4 or 5 years, the show has been very sporadic. Life gets crazy and some things fall by the wayside. I’ve missed sharing music that I find so I am working on bringing it back. I’m working on some playlists and working on getting the website squared away. Hopefully, that will all get taken care of in the next couple of weeks. The website has been neglected for a very long time so I need to update some things on the backend and get the RSS feed taken care of. Until then, follow me on Facebook. I’ve been posting some random videos lately of things I’ve been listening to.

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Best Albums of 2015 (EPs too)

There was so much great music released in 2015, that it was really hard for me to narrow down my favorites. Here they are, in no particular order.

Sleater-Kinney  – No Cities To Love     

Hemming  – Vitamins

Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp

Julien Baker  – Sprained Ankle

Chvrches – Every Open Eye

Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Torres – Sprinter

Screaming Females – Rose Mountain

Grimes – Art Angels

Hop Along – Painted Shut

Eskimeaux – O.K.

Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Brandi Carlile – The Firewatcher’s Daughter

Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

My Favorite EPs

Kississippi – We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed

They don’t have a video for any of the songs, but this is my favorite track.

FKA Twigs – M3LL155X

Sharon Van Etten – I Don’t Want To Let You Down

Mammút – River’s End

This was their first English language recording. So check out Blood Burst in English and then Bakkus in Icelandic.




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New Florence and the Machine album.

Florence and the Machine will be releasing a new record this year and this is the first glimpse, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful…”. I can’t wait for this record.

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Playlist: I’ve got a crush on you

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Having a crush is enough to make your head spin. You overthink everything. You spend a lot of time wondering if they like you, too. You agonize over every text, retyping it at least three times before you send it. That’s after putting more thought into one tiny message than Thomas Jefferson put into writing the Declaration of Independence.

You daydream about your crush, you annoy your friends talking about her, you’ve even nicknamed her for ease of reference (Sorry! Not sorry!). Every time your phone makes a noise, you freak out because it might be her.

Somewhere in the middle of these very real, sometimes ridiculous emotions, music falls into the mix. Every sappy song suddenly becomes about her, even the cheesy pop songs (cue big sigh). Below are eight songs currently on my own crush playlist.

Colbie Caillat, “Fallin’ for You”
This song had to make the list. You really like someone, but making yourself vulnerable is a scary thing and sometimes makes you a little crazy. Let all those feelings out and take that leap of faith. Tell your crush how you feel!

“I am tryin’ not to tell you, but I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hidin’ what I’m feelin’
But I’m tired of holdin’ this inside my head”

Katie Costello, “Cassette Tape”
Getting to know someone you like can be fun. You learn about her likes, her dislikes, and what makes her tick. But it can also be a little nerve wracking and sometimes, feels like it might be easier to just lay it all out at once.

“I wish there was a social excuse to make you a cassette tape
I’d teach you all about my life from side B to side A
Fast forward, rewind. Whenever or never mind”

Doria Roberts, “Perfect”
Everything in the beginning of a new relationship is perfect. Everything reminds you of your crush and you want everything to stay how it is right now.

“I’ve been thinking about you all night
A warm bed and a cozy fire
You put you arms around me and lift my head
And when you kiss me baby oh yeah…”

Meghan Tonjes, “Be in Want”
This song is all about that awkward stage when you’re in a state of being in want. It’s not love, it’s not lust, it’s that middle ground. You think about the other person all the time and you want her close but it makes you vulnerable and that is a scary place to be.

“And I don’t think you understand how much I want to hold you hand
And how that scares me more than anything I know
It’s getting hard to breathe, hard to be here alone without you
And every part of me is crying out
Oh you know I want you”

Tove Lo, “Paradise”
Butterflies are one of the best parts of a new crush. They’re fluttering around all the time when you see or talk to her. Sometimes they flutter about a little too much, but it’s still one of the best feelings ever.

“Being with you, my natural high
Still got every single butterfly
Just what they all wish that they had
So intense, it’s driving me mad”

Sara Bareilles, “I Choose You”
This song is sweet. Maybe you’ve gotten it all wrong before, but with this one, you see all the possibilities and are happy in the hope that maybe this time, you will get it right.

“I’ll unfold before you
What I’ve strung together
The very first words
Of a lifelong love letter”

Melissa Ferrick, “Will You Be The One”
All the uncertainty swirls around in your brain. Could this really be it? Will this be the one you’ve been looking for?

“Will you be the one I’ve wanted
Will you read my mind
Will you ask me where I hurt
and heal me with your eyes
Will I look at you with wonder
and never doubt our love
Yeah, could you be the one
that I’ve been dreaming of”

Tegan and Sara, “Closer”
That feeling of a new crush when everything is fresh and exciting and you’re trying to take things slow, but all you really want to do is jump in head first. You just want to be close to her and you spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to accomplish that.

“All I want to get is a little bit closer
All I want to know is, can you come a little closer?
Here comes the breath before we get a little bit closer
Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer”

What songs would be on your crush playlist? Tell us in the comments!

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Top 10 Tegan and Sara Tunes

Top 10 Tegan and Sara Tunes

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Since the first time I heard Tegan and Sara back in 2001, their music has always had a place in the soundtrack of my life. Their songs are emotional and sometimes full of angst, but always have an infectious melody and hook. I go through phases with music where I listen to one artist obsessively, sometimes for weeks. Lately, Tegan and Sara has been my go to. Recently, a friend asked me about my favorite songs and it was very hard to narrow down, so I decided to make a top 10 list.

10. Hell (Sainthood, 2009)
Tegan Quin has said that she wrote this song about her neighborhood in Vancouver, which the Vancouver Sun called “Four Blocks of Hell.” It also has a theme of unrequited love about a girl that she eventually got. The melody gets stuck in my head and won’t let go. This song is great when you need the perfect loud, angsty song tinged with aggression.

9. My Number (This Business of Art, 2000)
The angst of wanting to give yourself completely to another, but wanting to make sure they aren’t going to break you is the primary theme of this song. Just give them your number and worry about the consequences later! You’ll never know if you don’t make that leap of faith is the song’s advice.

8. How Come You Don’t Want Me (Heartthrob, 2013)
After getting the number, eventually there’s a break-up in so many cases. This is a song about the end of a relationship. Tegan and Sara write about matters of the heart and breakups a lot. This song can fit into many people’s lives. Sometimes, it stings when you see your ex with their new girlfriend and you think, “You left me for that? Are you serious?” I highly recommend pairing this listening with the Lesbian Breakup Cocktail *.

1.5 Sweet Tea Vodka (because all lesbians drink tea)
3 Unsweetened cranberry juice (for bitterness and the UTI)
Salt rim (for the salty, salty tears)
On the rocks (just like the relationship)

7. This is Everything (Under Feet Like Ours, 1999)
This song is about giving yourself completely to someone, about putting everything you have into the relationship, and it not being reciprocated. Loving someone can make you very vulnerable, and sometimes you can suffer. Ultimately, she just wants to love “without aching”. Don’t we all?

6. You Wouldn’t Like Me (So Jealous, 2004)
For me, this song is all about self-doubt and being afraid to show someone the real you. Maybe you lost yourself in your last relationship, maybe your heart was broken. In order to love again, you need to move past this and learn to trust someone else.

5. I Know I Know I Know (So Jealous, 2004)
This is a song about emotional distance. It’s a song about two people who love each other, but their love is fading. You don’t want to give up, so you try to hang on and work things out. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

4. Back In Your Head (The Con, 2007)
This song is all too familiar for me. It’s about getting too comfortable and complacent in a relationship. It’s about wanting to get that passionate love back that was there in the beginning and not being able to. (see song No. 8)

3. Call It Off (The Con, 2007)
The relationship is not working. You’re miserable and you decide to break it off to save yourself. You know it’s the right thing to do, but you start second guessing and wondering if it’s the right thing. We’ve all been there.

2. Nineteen (The Con, 2007)
This song is about many things. It is about being young and in love, and all the agony that goes along with that. It is a song about heartbreak and distance. When you’re 19, everything seems so big. Every emotion is taken to an all new level and this song is a perfect mix of angst and heartbreak. It is completely relatable.

1. Closer (Heartthrob, 2013)
This song is pure pop perfection. It’s all about you and your crush taking it to the next level and making that jump to getting physical. Just grab her and get closer already!

What songs would be in your top 10? Tell us below in the comments!

*Lesbian Breakup Cocktail courtesy of Dreidl.

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Breakup Playlist: Songs to get you through

Music is powerful. It can evoke emotional responses, taking you right back to happy times and sad times and all the times in-between. It can also help you get through hard things, like breakups. Breakups are terrible. You cry, you don’t eat, you don’t sleep, and you’re generally miserable. Songs about breakups don’t make it hurt less; in fact, sometimes, they just make you cry more. But sometimes, that is exactly what you need to process the whole thing.

These are some of the songs that have helped me through my recent breakup. If you’re going through something similar, or if you just need a good cry, this is the playlist for you.

Allison Weiss– “I Had To Do It”: This song sums things up for me. I loved her, and I initiated the breakup. Even though I know it’s for the best, it still sucks.

It’s selfish and I’m sorry,
But you know I had to do it
And I’ll miss you every second,
But you know it’s for the best.

If my weary heart were well enough
I’d stay and let you keep it
But to know you is to love you
And I don’t want to love you anymore.

There are other songs from Allison Weiss that are good breakup songs, especially ones from her album “Say What you Mean,” which has become my personal soundtrack these last few weeks. Oddly, most of them are really upbeat in tempo, but often really, really sad.

Ani DiFranco– “Untouchable Face”: This song doubles as a classic breakup song, or a song about unrequited love. The chorus can fit into most breakups when you reach the point of being mad. Sometimes, all you want to do is tell the other person “fuck you.”

So fuck you
And your untouchable face
And fuck you
For existing in the first place
And who am I
That I should be vying for your touch
And who am I
I bet you can’t even tell me that much.

Ani’s song “As Is” is another great angry breakup song. Though if the lyrics fit your ex to a T, I’m so, so sorry, and you’re better off without her, trust me.

What bugs me
Is that you believe what you’re saying
What bothers me
Is that you don’t know how you feel
What scares me
Is that while you’re telling me stories
You actually
Believe that they are real.

Jenny Owen Youngs– “Fuck Was I”: At some stages of a breakup, you look back and are grateful for the good times. At other stages, however, you regret the whole thing, from beginning to end, and wonder why you ever fell for someone who would end up causing you so much pain. This is a song for those “What the fuck was I thinking?” moments.

Love grows in me like a tumor,
Parasites bent on devouring its host.
I’m developing my sense of humor,
Til I can laugh at my heart between your teeth,
Til I can laugh at my face beneath your feet.

Christina Perri– “Jar of Hearts”: Another song for angry-at-the-ex moments, particularly for those times when you feel you have been used and are just another heart in a jar.

And who do you think you are?
Runnin’ ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are?

Tegan and Sara– “Call It Off”- Anger is a key component to any breakup, but let’s be honest here – you also miss her, sometimes more than you ever thought possible. You start to wonder if you made the right decision in ending things, but she won’t talk to you, or maybe she’s already moved on to the next person, and you just feel bad and sad. Then you remember all the red flags, broken promises, and why you’re better off without her.

But now we’ll never know
I won’t be sad
But in case
I’ll go there
To make myself feel bad
There’s a chance
I’ll start to wonder
If this was the thing to do

A Fine Frenzy– “Almost Lover”: This song is heartbreaking. For me, it’s about being led on. It’s about someone giving you false hope and all the “what ifs”. You make big plans for a future for the two of you, that never happened, and now they never will. You can’t see your life without her right next to you. Then you open your eyes and see that those dreams were never going to happen anyway.

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I’m trying not to think about you
Can’t you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
I should’ve known you’d bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

Melissa Etheridge– “I’m The Only One”: You try to be everything for this person, you’d do anything for her. And it still wasn’t enough. Melissa has a few things to say about this.

But I’m the only one
Who’ll walk across the fire for you
And I’m the only one
Who’ll drown in my desire for you
It’s only fear that makes you run
The demons that you’re hiding from
When all your promises are gone
I’m the only one

Robyn– “Dancing on My Own”: Whether you left her or she left you, it always hurts to see the one you love with another woman, while you’re on your own. It takes energy to remind yourself that it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who acts like you don’t matter.

I’m in the corner
Watching you kiss her
I’m giving it my all
But I’m not the girl you’re taking home
I keep dancing on my own.

Katie Todd – “Leave”: The excuses. Other people. The deceit. It’s exhausting and sometimes, you just need to leave and do what’s best for yourself, regardless of how much you loved that person and much it now hurts to say goodbye.

Necessary actions taken only so you’ll land on your feet.
And consequences with an action, overthrown in this distraction, please.
And even when the stars align there’s always something caught in your teeth.
This and that it’s always something with you, I’ve run out of steam.

Adele– “Rolling In the Deep”: What breakup playlist would be complete without a song from Adele? This song is an angry song. You’ve been wronged and you’re mad as hell and bent on revenge. But the song is also a contrast between the relationship’s potential and it’s reality. Your ex was perfectly capable of giving you everything you needed, but for whatever reason, just didn’t.

There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch, it’s bringing me out the dark
Finally I can see you crystal clear
Go ahead and sell me out and I’ll lay your shit bare
See how I leave with every piece of you
Don’t underestimate the things that I will do
The scars of your love remind me of us
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all

Breaking up is never easy, regardless of the circumstances, but hopefully, you can learn from your mistakes and grow as a person and come out better in the end. Music will be there to help get you through the rough times.

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